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Soft Cutting Board (Pro-Soft Lite)

Soft Cutting Board (Pro-Soft Lite)

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Soft Cutting Board with the wooden core. The wood core structure makes it rigid and light (30% reduced weight), blade friendly and long-lasting.


Dishwasher Safe

The product is able to withstand heat resistance of 90C(195F) and above.

Bleach Safe

Please proceed with recommended rate of dilution. Otherwise the outcome may vary from expectation.

EC 1935/2004
EU 10/2011

The product conforms to the EU regulation for Food Contact Materials.

Japan Food Sanitation Law

The product conforms to the Japan Food Sanitation Law.


The product is made from Ionized Silver Anti-Bacterial material.

Anti-Bacterial SIAA Standard

The product has achieved the SIAA certification, which is an industrial organization that accredits and certifies for Kohkin / Boukabi.


All our products are manufactured in Chiba prefecture, Japan.


Model Name Thickness inch Size
FSR20 - 5025 0.8 19.7 x 9.8 4.0
FSR20 - 6030 23.6 x 11.8 5.3
FSR25 - 8035 1.0 31.5 x 13.8 9.5
FSR25 - 9040 35.4 x 15.7 12.1
FSR30 - 10040 1.2 39.4 x 15.7 15.0
FSR30 - 12045 47.2 x 17.7 20.3

How to take care of it?

Take a look here to check how to maintain your Hasegawa board. Click here.

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Soft Cutting Board

Professional quality for home cooking with the wood core.

  • It’s Sturdy

    Wood core prevents warping and bending from long-term use and high-temp washing. It is always stable, dish-washer safe, and shows enough rigidity when in bridging.

  • It's Hygienic

    The wood-core of HASEGAWA’s cutting board is sterilized and covered with thick plastic layers fully and completely. Therefore wood won’t be exposed except for unusual rough handling.

  • Blade Friendly

    The soft materials that are used for both surfaces make the cutting board so blade-friendly that prolong the edge sharpness. Also grippy surfaces prevent ingredients from moving when cutting, and allow more delicate cuts!

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Customer Reviews

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Great boards also for pros

I have those in restaurant where I work as well as 1 at home. It fits to the dishwasher, it’s light and doesn’t bend. We also use the pro version + non slip mats.