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Non-Slip Mat

Non-Slip Mat

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Longlasting non-slip mat that doesn't lose its grip even wet. Used for example for product preparation and to put under a cutting board as well as sharpening stone.


Dishwasher Safe

The product is able to withstand heat resistance of 90C(195F) and above.

Bleach Safe

Please proceed with recommended rate of dilution. Otherwise the outcome may vary from expectation.

Japan Food Sanitation Law

The product conforms to the Japan Food Sanitation Law.


The product is made from Ionized Silver Anti-Bacterial material


All our products are manufactured in Chiba prefecture, Japan.

How to take care of it?

Take a look here to check how to maintain your Hasegawa non-slip mat.

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Non-Slip Mat

The best multi purpose non-slip mat. You can also cut into desired sizes using scissors.

  • FYS Series

    Versatile waterproof non-slip mats for multipurpose use. These mats are designed with several benefits. 

  • Keep it steady

    It is an hygienic alternative to place underneath cutting boards instead of wet cloths. It does not lose its grip even when wet.

  • Other examples

    It is flexible enough to be used for opening jars and other items that require a firm, solid grip. Yet, firm enough to stand on its own for easy washing and drying.

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Small size multi use

I have few of those, one was cut and put under the cutting board but the small size is perfect to put under sharpening stone.